Understanding the Different Types of Kitchen Faucets

Understanding the Different Types of Kitchen Faucets

The kitchen sink is one of the most used sections of the kitchen. It is important to make sure that the sink is fitted with good faucets. There are many designs and types of kitchen faucets, and it might be confusing to make a choice.

When selecting your kitchen faucet, the most important thing should be the use of your kitchen. It all comes down to your lifestyle and how you love to use your kitchen. Here are some of the common faucets that are used in the kitchen:

Center set faucets

Center set faucets are the most common type of faucets that we have today. They are a pokitchen faucetpular choice for families because they are versatile. With this type of faucet, you will be able to use all parts of the sink because you can move it. It is also possible to control the temperature because you just need to use one faucet for the tap.

Using a center set faucet is easy because you can move it from one place to another. All family members can use this type of faucet without any problems.

Pot filler faucets

Unlike center set faucets, pot fillers are used for commercial use and also in restaurants. They release water at high pressure, and they are used for filling pots and other kitchen appliance. Pot fillers are the best choice for busy kitchens with a high demand for water. Since they have a special design, you might be required to hire a specialist for installation.

Wall-mounted faucets

The normal kitchen faucets are mounted on the sink, but the wall mounted faucets are attached to the wall. These faucets are ideal for a small apartment where space is of the essence. With this type of faucet, it becomes easy to save sink space. However, they need to be installed in the rent manner so that the water doesn’t go beyond the sink and cause a mess in the kitchen.

Pull-out faucets

Pull out faucets have detachable heads, and this means that kitchen faucetyou can pull out the head and use it in different positions. These types of faucets are ideal for cleaning, cooking and washing up in the kitchen. They can be used for large sinks with a big working area.

Pull-down faucets

The pull-down faucets are sinks that pull down the sink. The head is not detachable but can go down to sink. These types of faucets are ideal for people with deep sinks because they allow easy cleaning.