Essential hand tools that you must have at home

Essential hand tools that you must have at home

Hand tools are important to every home. There are a variety of tools that every home should have in case of an emergency. It is not every day that you call repair experts to come and fix problems in your home. With hand tools at home, you can be able to fix all the minor problems at home without any problems. There are different types of hand tools available at Wera hand tools depending on the use and size, and these are very essential. You need to learn essential hand tools and their uses at home.

Hand tools at home


There are many types of handheld scresadasdsadsawdrivers available. We have the battery powered screwdrivers as well as the manual screwdrivers. Just like the name suggests, the work of a screwdriver is to fix and put hanging screwdrivers back into place.

A screwdriver is a very important tool that can be used in minor home repairs like fixing broken window panes and any other home appliance attached with screws. With a screwdriver, you don’t have to call a repair technician for minor home repairs.


Saws are used in small home projects, and they are very important tools in the home. There are many types of saws depending on the use of the saw. The manual saw is used for cutting wood and small pieces of metal. However, we have powered saw that still performs the same job as a manual saw, but they make the job easier because you end up spending less effort.


A hammer is used for hitting nails back to wood, and it is an essential hand tool in the home. The most common type of hammer is the hammer with a head for hitting nails. However, there is an improved hammer that has both the hammerhead and claws. This hammer can be used both for hitting nails as well as pulling them out.

Wood chiswqeqweqweel

If you are a fan of small woodwork projects, then a wood chisel is a must hand tool. The work of a wood chisel is to smoothen and even out wood before doing sanding work. A wood chisel will save you the stress before you start out the process of making the place even.