Weathering steel

Weathering steel

Weathering steel is also referred to as the corten steel. Unlike with steel which is affected by rust, weathering steel benefits from rust. Most of the steel construction companies regard this type of steel as useful corrosion. The life of corten steel is known to increase when it is exposed to the various elements. In addition, this material saves you a lot of money since it does require any periodic painting since te material is rust free. Let us know the great benefits associated with weathering steel.

The product is trademarked

Weathering steel was given a trademark by the USS where it originally obtained the ASTM standard.The material is also highly appreciated by ASTM grade for sheets and coils made of steel.The standard is also referred to as A606. This unique steel was made with the following elements: chromium, phosphorus, copper and silicon.

When this material is exposed to the various weather elements, its ingredients allow the production of a thin layer of rust. The thin layer of rust is produced by the steel sheets thus giving an impression that you steel sheets had sometimes been repainted back.

Exposure to the various elements

The traditional steel is known for losing its strength once exposed to corrosion. However, with corten steel, the strength increases regardless of exposure to the weather elements. These sheets form a protective layer once they get into contact with moisture or oxygen. There are therefore many benefits of corten. The material is also very strong when it comes to strength.

Requires little maitenance

In addition to strength, the material requires very little maintenance thus saving you a lot of money. The numerous benefits of corten steel make it an ideal choice for the construction of bridges, roofs, and building having open frames. From historical data bridges made from corten steel can serve you for nearly 120 years without requiring major maintenance. Therefore, these bridges do not need any regular inspection and maintenance.

The look of this material is also very popular. Bridges constructed from this steel appear reddish like rust. With continued exposure to the weather elements, costume gets a russet patina which is considered to be very beautiful by many people. Its rust, therefore, looks very nice.

The takeaway

Corten steel is very popular in the entire community of architects and engineers. That’s is the main reason why it is advantageous from the typical steel. It is very strong when tested and does not need a lot of maintenance. s