Sturdy Roofing Materials

You should always have the right material when it comes to roof building. It is sometimes very confusing when it comes to the choosing process. There are a variety of materials that are readily available in the market which is a worthy consideration.

These materials include composite shingles, wood, concrete, clay tiles, metal, and wood. Settling on the right material is not an easy task. Furthermore, there are a variety of factors taken to be considered in the selection process. These factors are durability, design, and quality of the material. Here are some of the important things you need to know in choosing the perfect material.


Every roofing structure requires different materials.The surface required for a flat roof is different from that required with a steep pitch. In these two cases, tiles and slate would be the best choices.
Different types of roof materials or making a sturdy roof.


This material has been used in roof building for many centuries. Even today it is still preferred by many home owners for the roof though it is restricted in some areas by fire codes. Wooden roof is made of redwood, cedar, southern pine or redwood.


Steel, aluminium, steel, lead and copper are the most durable roof. But they are quite expensive. Copper .asphalts are installed as shingles while the other metals are utilized for seamed roofs which consists of vertical metallic lengths joined with solder.


It is known to the most durable material among the roofing materials. A hundred years old slate can still be recycled to last for another century. However, the material is very expensive and heavy.


Any roofing material chosen needs to be flashed for durability. for most of the exterior work like siding and roofing, flashing is necessary as it ensures that the material used can last longer. The flashing process involves applying a plastic or metallic film in strips to those areas adjoined with dissimilar materials. An excellent flashing helps to prevent water seepage into the room through the roof edges.

You are advised to do a though research to choose the best flashing for the roof. You should go for that one which has undergone extensive trials and tests throughout the country. This will ensure that the chosen flashing product complements all the geographical areas. The chosen product should withstand the harshest weather condition.